Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Tired of hearing about 9/11? Then maybe you should surf elsewhere, because 9/11, in conjunction with the stolen election of 2000, have been the two main keys to the systematic elimination of our civil liberties, and they are two key events that will be discussed, repeatedly, on this blog.

Without the stolen election of 2000, there would have been no one holding the highest position of power in this country to use the tragedy of 9/11 to further their ignoble and hideous ideologies. The 2000 election was critical to all that has followed.

They succeeded. And if you are one of those who still refuses to face the facts because it upsets your pet political ideology, then you, sad to say, are part of the problem.

If you think our own government is incapable of lying to and causing harm to the citizens of this country in pursuit of it's own agenda, then you are living in a dream world, not reality. It's historical fact that our government is not on capable of lying to us and causing us harm, they have, in fact, lied to us and caused us harm, more than once.

Fact. Not opinion, but fact.

To blindly trust any government is beyond stupid. Human beings, all of us, are flawed, and the old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely is a truism that should be heeded, lest we pay as high a price for willful gullibility as other peoples of other nations have throughout human history.

With that in mind, I present this first in a series of video clips on 9/11 and various other subjects, in the hope that at least someone will pay attention, wake up, and finally take a stand with others against these heinous crimes that have been perpetrated on We the People.

This first clip is not specifically about 9/11, per se, rather it is an editorial done by Keith Olbermann, one that I think people would do well to listen to and HEAR. There will be more to follow, specific to 9/11 and the other things I will focus on, but this clip will help to set the tone for all that comes after it.

It is my hope that the words of Keith Olbermann will resonate in your heart and mind, that whoever views this will put aside their political prejudice, and choose to be an American first, not a political party flag waver. That includes democrats, for many democrats were culpable in the events we've seen transpire over the past seven years.

Hold your government accountable. Speak out. Make your voice heard, or forever lose that voice.

Watch The Stock Market

It was an interesting roller coaster ride that took off on Tuesday, one that started in China with a nine percent drop, and worked its way around the globe to cause the biggest drop in the US stock market since post-9/11.

A combination of factors came together to nearly cause a global stock disaster. From rumors of twenty percent capital gains tax on investments in China, to a Drudge Report headline blaring that Alan Greenspan warns of likely American recession, to a computer glitch in many stock software programs that trigger an automatic dump of shares when they reach a certain point, the New World Order global economy barely escaped a potential crash by some very fancy wheeling and dealing by a lot of desperate investors.

For those with eyes to see, it should be a clear warning as to just how fragile our economic security is. The spinmeisters are busy allaying any fears arising from this roller coaster ride, but we were all given a good look at just how shaky things can get, and how fast.

And it ain't over yet.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith VS Iraq War

I know people are just fascinated with the bizarre events surrounding the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith.

But aren't we losing some perspective here?

The death of her son was tragic, doubly so on the heels of the birth of her baby girl. Her own death so soon afterwards has ignited a media feeding frenzy, the likes of which we haven't really seen on such a scale since the disgusting O.J. Simpson debacle, complete with much of the same wall to wall coverage on nearly every major news outlet.

And the judge is obviously milking it for all it's worth, apparently with an eye towards becoming the next Judge Judy.

Meanwhile, the non-binding vote of Congress making a symbolic stand opposing the Bush administration's blind determination to send more of our troops into harm's way has been reduced to an occasional blurb. The mounting death toll in Iraq barely rates an honorable mention, and the unbelievably pathetic attempt by the Bush administration to spin Britain's planned withdrawal of their troops as a positive thing gets a brief hashover by some talking heads, as they rush to get back to discussing the latest 'breaking news' about the Anna Nicole Smith legalities.

Can we please have a reality check here?

The simple solution to the Smith fiasco is obvious to everyone except the judge, it seems. She bought burial plots in the Bahamas, buried her son there, and was pretty damned open about her wish to be buried beside her son. It doesn't matter what 'influence' anyone had at that point. The fact remains that she buried her son there and wanted to be with him. Any mother with a heart could certainly understand that. Why is it so hard for this damn judge to comprehend such a simple thing?

Bury her beside her son, get the stupid DNA tests done, and get over it.

THOUSANDS of good and decent Americans have already died in Iraq. The death rate is climbing, every poll of the Iraqi citizenry confirms they want us OUT of there, and we're obssessing over a trial being dragged out by a wannabe-a-tv-star judge???????

PLEASE!!! ENOUGH already!!!!!

We need wall to wall coverage of everything that is going on in Iraq right now. We need full exposure of every death resulting from Bush's obssession with Iraq, an obssession that is now threatening to spread to include Iran. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is unravelling, our own borders are being overrun by illegal aliens pouring across them, and the border patrol is getting sandbagged by our own government giving a criminal a free pass while railroading guys trying to do the job they were hired to do.

Again, REALITY CHECK, please!

Call me politically incorrect, but for some reason, it seems to me that there are far more pressing issues that deserve wall to wall coverage than where Anna Nicole Smith gets buried. News item, certainly, but not a news item deserving of the frothing and obssessive coverage it is getting.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Liberty Blue

Stolen elections.

Illegal war.

Signing statements.

Illegal surveillance.

Patriot Acts one and two.

Valerie Plame.

9/11 questions still not answered.

Yeah, liberty is, indeed, blue.